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Maintenance instructions

Important! Before you buy our product you should know:

All our product are hand colored. Most of our product are printed by screen printing and finished by hand painting. For long lifetime and conservation colors is necessary to wash all product by hand, inside out and in lukewarm water. Use only liquid detergent for black or color clothes. Dissolve one scoop of detergent and then soak clothes.Don't put detergent straight on the clothes. Fast washing in water with detergent and then in clean water. Dont let clothes soaked in water with detergent. You can use softener. Bulkier items can be centrifuge in a washing machine.

All our products are after coloring washed like that to assurance about keeping color and assurance about product quality.Some colors can gently dyed water but color of product will not change. In the case your clothes is smeary just in one spot you should never clean just that spot but wash it whole. Ironing on reverse side to prevent attrition of texture and seams.

A tiny specks of batik cloth is not defect but usual matter of batik coloring. We don't recommend wearing white underwear under our black clothes. It can cause slight tinge by friction of materials. We use health harmless swiss colors of high quality which are used for ecological coloring of cotton.

All clothing are shrinked by coloring and will not shrink again. Materials become soft and stretch by wearing. If you will compliance maintenance instructions we believe you become content customer.

Causes of rejection of complaint

For more informations read the Complaints Procedure

  1. In case clothes is washed in a different way than we recommended or washed in other detergent that is not specialized for black and colored clothes. Especially inappropriate are shampoos, powder detergent, detergent for white clothes or detergent for wool. We are recommending detergent which fix the color and doesn't include solvent.
  2. Clothes (not just ours) are not designated fo every day and intensive use. Especially clothing from soft fabric (silk, poplin, viscose, cheesecloth) is neccesery to change. Material which still look same after two years of intensive wearing doesn't exist. We don't exclude everyday wearing but it's necessary to také account that clothes will be worn-out faster and in this case it is not possible to complain.
  3. Wearing really tight clothes can cause „maps“ at armpit if deodorant mixed with sweat. It's really an exceptional problem we are notify about. This problem was always cause with different type of deodorant so we consider it is not about deodorant but aggressivity own sweat.
  4. For thicker customers we recommended jeans from a stronger material. Friction of materials cause worn out material. Friction can be cause not just at jeans in thigh part but also at t-shirt and jackets by wearing purse.In clothes parts where is friction we need to expect scuffs and lumps.
  5. All the materials which not include lycra (elastane) can be in some parts stretched by wearing.
  6. Be sure before purchase and wearing if the product doesn't have defect. Especially holes are necessary to solve during shopping. Clothes must have original label which is proof that product was defective before selling and defect wasn't caused by wearing.