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Terms and conditions

Complaints procedure

General provisions and definition of terms

  1. This Complaints procedure was created according to Czech Civil code and Law of consumer protection. It's applied at commodities and reclamations.
  2. Seller is Adéla Urbanová PSSB s.r.o. Ruská 1039/84, Praha 10, 10000, Czech republic.

Warranty provision

  1. In case customer find defect on product during the guarantee period customer can use complaint.
  2. Guarantee period is controlled by law. If producer don't determine differently the standard length is 24 months and start by the day of assumption the product.
  3. Seller is responsible for defects which were made during the productions and crop up during guarantee period.
  4. Complaint cannot be accepted in these cases:
    • -Complaint was reported after the guarantee period
    • -Defect was caused by incorrect using of product. Particularly non compliance of Maintenance instructions.
    • -Defect was caused by breaching of instructions from Producer
    • -Defect was caused by excessive using
    • -Defect was caused by adjustment or modification without permission from producer.
    • -Defect was caused by nature elements.

Rights of Guarantee period

Guarantee period is prolonged by the time product was in warranty repair. In case of exchange of product - customer get new 24 months guarantee period. Customer have after application of warranty :

  1. „In case of removable defect have customer right to free and early elimination of defect, right to exchange defective product or defective part, right to get discount or right to resign from the trade agreement“
  2. „In case of unrecoverable defect which avoid standard using of product have customer right for exchange or resign from the trade agreement“
  3. „If defect precludes standard use or defect is recurring – customer has right to product exchange or resign from the trade agreement.
  4. „If defect cannot be remove and customer dont want exchange – customer has right to get discount or resign from the trade agreement

Process of complaint

  1. Complaint can be applied at Adelaide shop – Petr Stádník, Blodkova 2, 130 00, Praha 3 - Žižkov, Czech Republic.
  2. Based on email communication ( is possible to send product of complaint at shop address – product cannot be sent COD!
  3. If producer agree with sending product back to shop using the post, buyer is responsible for good packing which cannot damage product from outside
  4. In case of authorized complaint has customer right for compensate postage. In case of unauthorize complaint cutromer has not right for compestae postage.
  5. Seller decide about complaint in 10 work days. Complaint and defect will be done as soon as possible in 30 days, if customer and seller won't decide in other way.
  6. In case of rejected complaint - seller bring out written reason
  7. Cargoes wchich comes with unautgorized complaint: After 30 days is storage of unclaimed product is every day penalized 30 kč. Seller has right to not return product if customer doesn't pay penalization. If debt become bigger than price of product seller has right to sell product and cover damage.

Final provision

Return policy become valid 1.september 2013. Changes of return policy reserved